Emergency Planning & Safety

If you are involved or witness to an emergency call 911

Be Prepared: 72 Hours

If a disaster or major emergency occurs, will you and your family be prepared? Ensure you have the necessary supplies to sustain yourself for up to 3 days (72 hours). Learn more about emergency preparedness and kits HERE.   

Emergency Notification System 

The Town of Unity has an Emergency Notification System in place, to communicate with those residents that have chosen to provide their phone, email, and text information. In the event of an emergency or service disruption, the Town of Unity may provide communications in the form of an email, text message, and/or voice message to subscribers. To sign-up, provide your information in the form in the bottom left corner of this webpage, or contact the Unity Town Office at 1-306-228-2621.  

Unity Volunteer Fire Department

The Unity Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for responding to fire and emergency situations. For controlled burns in the RM of Round Valley, call 1-866-404-4911. For all Fire Emergencies call 911.
Volunteer Fire Chief - Dwaine Kopp

Unity Emergency Management

The Red Cross has developed '3 Ways to Survive a Tornado' - please click here to learn more.

The Unity Emergency Measures Committee and Co-ordinator interprets and implements the EMO Plan when required. Unity EMO Co-ordinator - Terry Smith

If you would like to view the Town of Unity's EMO Plan (public version- some personal contact information and attachments omitted for privacy purposes), please click here.

The Town of Unity is a participant in the SaskAlert Program. Click here for more information on SaskAlert.

Unity Bylaw Enforcement

The Town of Unity employs a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Braydon Voll. To register a complaint or potential bylaw enfraction contact the Unity Town Office. (bylaw@townofunity.com )

Unity Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment

The Unity RCMP is responsible for law enforcement in the Unity District. For all emergencies call 911.
Detachment Office - 228-6300

Emergency Notification System Sign-up

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