Unity Finance & Utilities

Town Budget

2019 Town of Unity Operating and Capital Budget (with 2018 Actuals) click here

Click HERE for Mayor Ben Weber's 2019 Budget address.

Utility Information

Watering Schedule- NO WATERING TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SUNDAY. East and West Side watering permitted Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, recommended for early morning or in the evening to limited waste/evaporation.

To learn more about precautions during a Drinking Water Advisory, CLICK HERE.

Click Here for the 2019 Water Quality and Compliance

Water and Sewer Service Deposits for Renters (refundable after deduction of last billing upon purchase of a house/building or move from community) Residential- $250.00 Commercial- $275.00

Taxes & Utilities

Residential & Commercial Water  Billing (quarterly, in gallons) as of APRIL 1, 2020:

6000 gallons (min)= $75

next 6000 x $13.00/1000

next 6000 x $13.50/1000

next 6000 x $14.00/1000

next 6000 x $14.50/1000

remaining gallons x $15.00/1000

Residential & Commercial Sewer  Billing (quarterly, in gallons)as of APRIL 1, 2020:

6000 (min)= $24

next 6000 x $6.50/1000

next 6000 x $6.75/1000

next 6000 x $7.00/1000

next 6000 x $7.25/1000

remaining gallons x $7.50/1000

Additional Fees on Water/Sewer Quarterly Bill: Environmental Levy- $24, W/S Levy- $100.00, Meter Rental- $6.50 (for 5/8 or 3/4), Vacant lot with service- $130.50/quarter, Vacant lot no services- $100/quarter, Reconnect Fee (disconnect for non-payment, or for owner request)- $175. 

UNITY LANDFILL INFORMATION- Click HERE for a schedule of waste disposal fees. Click HERE to visit the Notices section for days/hours of operation.

Garbage Collection Residential Tag-A-Bag $2.00/tag/bag user-fee for garbage collection Commercial- Tag-A-Bag or on a quarterly basis depending upon volume

2019 Property Tax Information

Land of Living Sky/Light of Christ School Division Residential Mill Rate- 4.12

Land of Living Sky/Light of Christ Catholic School Division Ag- Commercial - Resource Mill Rates (respectively)- 1.43, 6.27, 9.68

Town of Unity Mill Rate Factors- Ag .704; Residential .705, Commercial/Industrial 1.385

Town of Unity Mill Rate- 11.75

Town of Unity Minimum Tax for Vacant Land- $1075.00

Town of Unity Minimum Tax for Land with Improvements- $1075.00

Town of Unity Base Tax for Road Improvements- $100

Total 2019 Taxable Assessment Town of Unity- 204,478,703

Assessment Informtion

Finance Information